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Richmond Castle, North Yorkshire, England

[continued from here: DW/LJ] After a rather bleary start to the morning, the adults having stayed up a little too late companionably drinking wine together in front of the fire, the out-laws returned from their room over the road at the Shoulder of Mutton to pick up Nephew, who had slept over very nicely with Humuhumu. Sufficient coffee was poured into the grown-ups to get them motivated to drive to Richmond to see the castle. (North Yorkshire is not the place to be if you have an aversion to ruined castles.)

Walking down the very steep hills of Richmond. I had Keiki on my shoulders and he was crowing delightedly over his excellent vantage point.

Sister-out-law, bloke and Humuhumu heading into the staircase leading up to the top of the remaining parapets.

I climbed 120 of these stone steps whilst carrying a 13 kg toddler. Just saying.

We stopped periodically to admire the views out the arrowslits.

You can tell how high we are now, even above the other bits of the elevated castle grounds.

A view over Richmond town centre.

Reached the top at last! “Mind Your Head”, indeed.


Views from the parapets.

Investigated the tower interior on the way down.

Sister-out-law shepherded Humuhumu down the stairs.

Having escaped the tower, we headed through the grounds and out through to the gardens.

“Where’s Humuhumu?” (Spoiler: In the garden maze.)

Humuhumu and Daddy enjoyed the cobbled walk through the beds.

Nephew and Humuhumu raced back up the hill to the castle grounds.

Sister-out-law, Nephew and Humuhumu sitting on a bench together enjoying the view over the river below.

The view over the river below.

We strolled back down into town after a trip to the gift shop. (Nephew: Knight outfit. Humuhumu: large purple feather quill pen. Keiki: Squishy purple dragon, which he now sleeps with.) We were all a bit peckish but the out-laws needed to head back to Leeds, so a quick stop at a Greggs for some pastries and a sit-down in the middle of the town square by the clock sufficed to revive everyone for the drive home.

As mentioned previously, I had carried Keiki around on my shoulders as much as possible all morning. It was the first time I’d tried it. The bloke talked me into it since I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to carry him in my arms. It worked a treat and I was able to do it much more easily. After lunch, though, I definitely needed a lie-down. Fortunately, so did everyone else, and we cuddled up together for a luxurious two-hour nap.

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