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The Old Grammar School, Kirby Hill, North Yorkshire, England

Since this was our fifth stay in a Landmark Trust property for the bloke’s birthday, I think I feel safe in calling it a tradition.

On Friday last, we gingerly loaded up our newly repaired car and crossed everything in the hopes that it would make it through the 200-odd mile drive from our house to North Yorkshire to stay in The Old Grammar School.

Kirby Hill is a beautiful grey old stone village, set around a green. The Old Grammar School [TOGS] was such from its establishment in 1556 to its closure in 1957. An average of 30 local boys aged 10 to 18 were taught there, though many departed aged 14 to go to work. The ground floor schoolroom was converted into the village hall, while the first and second floors were converted into the flat that one can now book through the Landmark Trust [LT] for holidays. LT properties are carefully furnished and kitted out with libraries that are specific to the property and to the history of the place. For instance, I read Goodbye, Mr Chips, which is a heartwarming fictional biography of a schoolmaster, while we were in TOGS. LT properties also deliberately don’t provide televisions or WiFi. In fact, my phone signal was so bad that I couldn’t even get the 3G to work.

We arrive late in the afternoon and were pleased to find that the previous occupants had left us sufficient firewood for that evening.

Our first thought on entry was “tea”. Thoughtfully, the housekeeper had left a complete tea service ready for us and a small jug of milk in the fridge.

The bloke pouring some milk for Keiki, who’s standing on a dining chair. The window seat, which features in subsequent photos, is to their right.

The bloke reclines on the sofa reading a book. Humuhumu sits next to him playing a game on my phone, while Keiki watches. Notable features behind include the large (non-functional) grandfather clock and a view into the tiny kitchen.

Humuhumu sits on the windowsill in our bedroom, at the opposite end of the corridor from the sitting room. Behind her is the church and the graveyard.

Sunrise on Saturday, as viewed at the window seat through my telephoto lens.

Humuhumu sitting in the window seat, haloed by morning light.

Keiki at the breakfast table, explaining to Daddy about the mouse on his chair.

Keiki holding the curtains whilst standing on the window seat, playing peekaboo.

Candle holder and jug on a windowsill.

The church, as viewed from the children’s bedroom window (second floor).

Closeup of the beautiful side door.

My dressing table.From right to left: glasses, book with postcard and hair clip, lamp, hairbrush, face and body lotion, perfume, candle holder.

I mentioned the furnishings. In this place, the LT had procured a Thompson dining set and bed. Thompson was famous for including small carved mice on each piece of furniture. On the dining set, one runs up a leg of each of the chairs and the table. This one is on a chair leg.

And this one is on the table.

Up next: visiting the Kirby Hill church (St Peter and St Felix).

Quick note about the photos: I have come to rely on Aviary in Flickr to do colour correction on my photos. It’s quick and convenient and its algorithm seems to be pretty good. Except at the moment, it’s not working. To those who care about white balance, my apologies.

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