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Pokémon Go: Week 15

Squee, as always, welcome in the comments.

  • Huzzah for the Halloween event! It kicked off whilst I was in the Netherlands. I managed to walk my Clefairy to the point of evolution, and I unexpectedly caught sufficient Cubones to be able to evolve one.
  • I used my Level 25 lucky egg since the Spreadsheet of Evolve said I had 91 evolutions available. I actually didn’t have enough Pidgeys, Rattatas, Weedles or Caterpies to do them all. Still, 80,000+ XP is not to be sneezed at. I also did some fairly ruthless transferring, to take advantage of the extra candy from the Halloween event.
  • I now have three Gyarados.
  • New to my Pokédex were the Clefable, Marowak, Wigglytuff, Omastar and Dewgong. DEWGONG. <3333
  • How brilliant is the double candy reward for catches (+6) and transfers (+2)? Almost as brilliant as having to walk a quarter of the distance with your Buddy for a candy.
  • I’m walking my Pikachu. I am delighted that it sits on my shoulder. I’m also delighted that I’ll only have to walk 11 km to be able to evolve it, instead of 44.
  • I like the redesign of the egg page. It’s much easier to tell which egg corresponds to what distance with a quick glance.
  • I don’t like the redesign of the medals. I liked having an exact count of the number I needed to bump up from bronze to silver to gold. The progress bar is too imprecise, although I concede it makes the front page listing much tidier. However, once you hit gold, you get the exact count back when you click on the medal, so why isn’t it there for the others when you click on them? Grrr.
  • On the positive side, I hit gold for evolving over 200 Pokémon. Best of all, I’ve hit silver on the Hex Maniac medal because of all the ghost-type Pokémon that are now appearing. This makes me happy.

I wasn’t able to take advantage of the event over the weekend due to spending 90% of our waking hours either preparing for, throwing, or recovering from, Humuhumu’s Halloweeny birthday party. (Pics to come in a future post.) (I may still be recovering.) I can’t complain, though. I can’t thank my child enough for cleverly being born so close to my favourite holiday.

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