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General life picspam: People & Things

A small compilation of Things Wot Have Made Me Happy over the past couple of weeks.


I am pleased to have produced offspring who can appreciate the great pleasure of slurping up really long noodles.

Early morning commuting selfie at Birmingham New Street Station, complete with Eye of Sauron. I was having a quick blast around the station to hit up the Pokéstops before diving down to the platform to catch my London train.

Here I am at an outreach event at my university, themed "Water, water, everywhere". Our stand was mostly about Cassini at Enceladus. I may have had a bit of wine before this photo was taken.

The bloke & Keiki are putting together Keiki's bed after the carpet was installed in the children's new room. Keiki's jacket came from his London cousin. He struts about in it when he wears it at nursery. We're trying to teach him to say, "Heyyyy", but at the moment his Baby Fonz impression is not quite so suave.

Humuhumu has discovered wearing her hair in bunches. She has also discovered the gigantic stash of hand-me-down princess dresses from her Leeds cousin. She has decisively graduated to the "little" Lego. Here, she's building the spaceship to fly around the planet.

Last weekend, she and Keiki attended two children's birthday parties. This was taken at her friend Isabelle's party. She's pleased about her Smartie ice cream. Keiki is determined to prevent anyone from taking his away.


I got very wet cycling up to the station in the rain one day and was early enough to have a stop in the new cafe. This was my caramel hot chocolate and lemon & raspberry slice, served with pretty cutlery on a breadboard.

Two glass skull tumblers, part of my belated birthday present from brother-out-law. I'm looking forward to drinking them. Possibly the Crystal Skull vodka that formed the other part of the gift. Possibly the blood of my enemies.

Finally, a pair of Comet 67P chocolates. They were sent to all the Rosetta teams at the end of the mission. These were carefully wrapped up for me by my work colleague [ profile] flexagain, because I wasn't in the office for a couple of days after they arrived. I have excellent work colleagues. :)

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