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Home + Friday's Unscientific Poll on a Tuesday: E-mail backlogs

We're home from two weeks of holiday in the USA. I have so many photos and so many feelings. I saw my parents. I saw a large chunk of my extended Filipino family, who brought us a dizzying array of Oreos, bags of arare, a gigantic watermelon and a lot of love. I saw my cousin, for whom Keiki is named, and whom I haven't seen since our grandfather died in 2001.

Having dropped off our horrifically jet-lagged children at nursery with warnings about naps and a lot of apologies, I return to work, and immediately foment an unscientific poll.

Poll #2053724 Email, why so broken

How to deal with an e-mail backlog?

Read methodically, prioritise/rank, begin replying
Delete all, burn computer
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