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Weekend photos + Seven Days of Selfies (5/7)

Picspam! Me. Children. Ice cream. Good.

I got a new shirt: “I care about this Alot”. Hyperbole & a Half fandom.

I painted Humuhumu’s toenails, alternating red and silver.

Keiki ate a tiny foraged apple.

Humuhumu ate foraged blackberries and apples.

Everyone communed with chickens. (Keiki fed them a couple of Quavers.)

Humuhumu picked wildflowers…

...and posed in front of a windmill with her bouquet.

Humuhumu went to the beach.

Keiki had a long conversation with a black duck.

Keiki ate ice cream.

And finally, Humuhumu gave herself a perfect chocolate ice cream mustache and beard.

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