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Pokémon Go: Week 4

As usual, please skip if uninterested in Pokémon Go. Otherwise, squee welcome in the comments. What level are you? How many in your Pokédex? Have you caught/evolved/hatched anything you're particularly excited about? TELL MEEEE

  • The last time I posted, I was Level 17. Now I’m almost halfway through Level 20.
  • After two failed attempts, I finally caught a Koffing. In an Ultra Ball.
  • After a long run of getting no 10 km eggs, I ran down my egg supply last week and now have two to hatch. Terribly excited.
  • I hatched a Doduo! Hilarious two-headed bobbly bird-thing!
  • I caught a Kabuto, the first and only time I’ve seen one. \o/
  • I’ve made a spreadsheet so I can do my evolves in an organised fashion when I pop one of my two new Lucky Eggs.
  • I have, however, allowed myself the pleasure of one new evolution in the interim. I collected up almost 500 Magikarp candies, maxed out powering up a Magikarp and then Humuhumu evolved it for me.
  • Y’all were right: it was totally worth the slog of catching over 100 Magikarp for that. GYARADOS
  • I maxed out another medal in addition to the Swimmer: the Schoolkid, for catching 200+ Normal Pokémon.
  • The medals are a good way of telling how common certain types of Pokémon are in the areas you frequent. I’m most of the way to maxing out Bird Keeper and Punk Girl, whereas I’ve yet to reach 10 on Kindler, Rocker or Fairy Tale Girl.
  • Still getting out for daily Pokéwalks. Have hatched 50 eggs. Even when working on two simultaneously, with a minimum distance of 2 km - and most of them have been 5 km - that’s quite a lot of walking.

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