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Neko Atsume: The Final Reckoning?

After weeks of waiting, I have finally managed to catch Tubbsy visiting the giant cushion instead of troughing in the food bowl.

I have all the mementoes, seen all the rare cats, used all the backdrops and made many themed gardens. Tempting Tubbsy to the cushion was my reason for continuing to play. And now it has happened, I feel a little lost.

I carry on feeding my kitties on the finest gourmet food and hoarding gold fishies, and I hold out hope...for an update.


ETA: Cat-game players are aware that you can get free fishies in the game once a day by going to News, then tapping on Daily Password, then entering the daily password in Input Password, yes? And that if you do that for five days, you get a free Ritzy Bits can? If so, yay! If not, is good tip!

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