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Prater Park and the Belvedere

Since I knew we were going to lean heavily on the grandparents for child care on Wednesday and Thursday, I used Tuesday to take the children out as much as possible. (As it turned out, I overdid it a little, both for them and myself, as I was shattered during the evening conference session.) In the morning, we explored the many playgrounds in the enormous Prater Park near our accommodation. We sampled no less than four different ones. Our favourite was the last, as it featured a generous sand pit. In the afternoon, we took the tram to the Belvedere, the mansions-turned-museums with formal gardens that we stayed over the road from the last time we were in Vienna.

Humuhumu & Gryphon 1
Humuhumu in front of one of the many gryphons guarding the formal gardens.

Praterstern Park seesaw
Keiki, wearing his sister's owl beanie, climbing onto a seesaw.

Praterstern Park swing
Keiki enjoying a Prater Park swing.

Praterstern Park sandpit
Humuhumu and Keiki are proud of their improvisation of sand pit toys out of a tupperware container and a baby spoon.

Praterstern Park sandpit
Humuhumu and Keiki exploring the sand.

Enjoying Praterstern Park
Keiki wields the baby spoon. Note unaided standing, which has become much more frequent.

We returned home after a couple of hours in the park to eat lunch and have some down time. Keiki napped and Humuhumu played games on the tablet. The grandparents returned from their morning jaunt and lunch out, and Granddad offered to accompany us on our afternoon expotition to the Belvedere.

Granddad & Keiki ride the D tram
Granddad and Keiki ride the D tram up to the Belvedere.

Upper Belvedere gardens
Keiki, Humuhumu and I in front of the Upper Belvedere gardens.

Upper Belvedere
Granddad and Keiki in front of the Upper Belvedere.

Upper Belvedere
All of us in front of the Upper Belvedere. Photo by a kind Spanish lady.

Snowman at the Belvedere
Granddad, Humuhumu and Keiki by the weirdly incongruous snowman in the formal gardens between the Upper and Lower Belvedere.

Humuhumu & Gryphon 2
Humuhumu took a shine to the gryphons.

Humuhumu & Gryphon 3
Quite a shine, really.

Stone-gathering at the Belvedere
Stone-gathering at the Belvedere.

Russian Monument
Granddad and Humuhumu in front of the fountain that makes up part of the Russian Monument.

We walked up to Karlsplatz and the U-bahn in the late afternoon sunshine. For the first time since we'd left the house in the morning, Humuhumu asked for a pick-up, and as she lay her head on my shoulder I suddenly realised that she'd walked (or run) at least five kilometres that day. Not bad going for three-year-old legs. And we'd even forgotten to celebrate Cake O'Clock. We compensated by having Chocolate O'Clock when we got home, with Manner wafers and Mozart balls.

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