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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

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Greetings from Vienna, Austria [20160417|20:15]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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We spent most of yesterday getting here, and our reward today was the most glorious sunny weather. So we went to the Schoenbrunn, the opulent summer palace of the Hapsburgs and a regular destination for us on trips to Vienna. Still never actually been inside the main building, because when I was younger I wasn't interested, and now because tiny children + priceless furniture & artworks == bad mixture.

It's totally worth the trip for the gardens, though. Also, the cake. My Austrian colleague, bless him, e-mailed me a pictoral guide to his favourite cakes before I left, giving us whole new avenues to explore in this land of magnificent pastries. Today, we had our first encounter with Kardinalschnitte and I'm 100% certain it will not be the last.

Schoenbrunn: running outside
Humuhumu, clutching her green jelly baby, running along the pavement toward the front gates of the palace.

Schoenbrunn: the U-bahn journey
Granny and Humuhumu on the U-bahn on the way to Schoenbrunn.

Schoenbrunn: Humuhumu and jelly baby in front of the palace
Humuhumu and jelly baby in front of the palace.

Schoenbrunn: Kardinalschnitte
Essential cake and coffee stop. Today's cake: Kardinalschnitte.

Schoenbrunn: welcome to the gift shop
Humuhumu welcomes you to the gift shop.

Schoenbrunn: lamppost
Lamppost and Humuhumu.

Schoenbrunn: down the garden path
Humuhumu runs up the garden path.

Schoenbrunn: up the garden path
Humuhumu runs down the garden path, clutching a "very special stone". (Stone was exactly like 1000000 other stones in the grounds of the Schoenbrunn.

Schoenbrunn: under the cherry tree
Granddad and Humuhumu under the cherry tree.

Schoenbrunn: having a sit-down
Having a little sit-down with Granny and Granddad on a bench. Keiki is asleep in the pushchair with Humuhumu's sun hat over his face.

Schoenbrunn: through the arches
Bloke, Keiki and Humuhumu walking through vine-clad and still leafless arches into another area of the gardens.

Schoenbrunn: lost in the hedgerows
Getting lost in the hedgerows.

Schoenbrunn: one of many fountains
One of many fountains, and probably the least grandiose.

Schoenbrunn: statuary
There are rows upon rows of statues lining the garden walkways. For some reason Keiki was very taken with this one, pointing and babbling excitedly. Perhaps it was the hats?

Portrait of Mummy, by Humuhumu
Portrait of Mummy by Humuhumu after our return "home".

Unexpected flavour combinations
This is a flavour combination that I would never have predicted would be a hit. Humuhumu has a raspberry lolly in one hand and a chunk of very spicy sausage in the other. A plate of sliced cucumber sits between her and Keiki. (Keiki is offering me a slice of cucumber.) Both of them were enthusiastically alternating between those three things.

The EGU conference begins in earnest tomorrow, so we may not get to do a lot of sightseeing again until Friday. I may not be posting much between now and then. Although I may do a daily cake update as I make my way through my colleague's list. Because CAKE.

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[User Picture]From: mysterysquid
2016-04-18 10:46 (UTC)
That cake looks amazing!

Gardens are lovely too. :)

Hope the conference goes well.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2016-04-20 13:33 (UTC)
The cake here is generally amazing. Conference going well so far. My poster session is later this afternoon, after which I get to relax and enjoy the Rosetta spacecraft session tomorrow.
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