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Easter weekend

Seeing as our youngest contracted both conjunctivitis and chicken pox the week before Easter, we were largely confined to home and/or outdoor places where we were certain we wouldn't come into close contact with others. I'm quite proud that we have survived the last four days (both today and Friday were bank holidays in the UK) without all going slightly mad.

This ma trowel
[My trowel, let me show you it. -- Keiki]

We spent Friday touring rural Herefordshire, which manages to be even more rural than our corner of Worcestershire. On our travels, we spotted a neat sign saying "Goose Eggs" outside a farm house, so we pulled off the road. Humuhumu and the bloke went to investigate and came back with four goose eggs, six duck eggs and a dozen chicken eggs.

The bloke blew the middles out of the goose and duck eggs (omelettes for days). We hardboiled half of the chicken eggs and dyed those with food colouring and edible glitter.

Eggy bonanza (goose, duck, chicken)
[Eggy bonanza (some goose eggs being washed)]

[Humuhumu washes a goose egg]

[The bloke blowing the middle out of a goose egg.]

Painting the hollow eggs kept Humuhumu occupied for a few pleasant sessions with watercolours over the course of the next few days.

Painted eggs
[Toddler expressionism.]

The main purpose of our travels was to visit the Edvin Loach Old Church, a small English Heritage site.

Edvin Loach Old Church
[View over the surrounding countryside from inside the ruins of the Old Church.

The new church stands immediately next door, and is Victorian. We went inside and had a look around. Though it was beautifully sunny, the day was chilly and the church interior was colder than the outdoors.

Edvin Loach Church (Victorian version)
[Keiki crawls up the steps to the altar.]

Edvin Loach Church (Victorian version)
[Keiki and Humuhumu in front of the altar.]

I made a simnel cake for the first time. This was an act of generosity, considering that I've been lukewarm about both fruitcake and marzipan for most of my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fairly indiscriminate cake fan when it comes to eating the stuff, but I don't see the point of making a fruitcake when I could spend the same time making a chocolate cake. But the bloke loves a fruitcake and it turns out my children do too, so I decided to try it this year. Keiki and the bloke helped with the marzipan. Keiki's help involved eating the twelfth disciple.

Simnel Cake
[The finished simnel cake.]

I followed Mary Berry's recipe from her recent "Easter Feast" television special, with the addition of candied peel, and I have to admit, I may be converted to the way of the fruitcake.

We spent Saturday, Sunday and today:

- going on walks
- gardening
- napping
- going on Easter egg hunts
- Lego
- feigning gratitude for Telstar's "presents" (it's definitely spring)
- trying to get Keiki to walk (chocolate was a great motivator)


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