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Anecdotes from an English Country Village

Anecdote 1: Today I've had the ultimate "living in the countryside" experience.

I had to stop the car in the middle of the road.

To move a giant turnip.

Sadly there are no photos of this momentous occasion, as the event resulted in the countryside version of a traffic jam (two cars behind me, one car on the approach). So the poor turnip was hastily consigned to the hedgerow and I got back into the car.

It also demonstrated to me that I still think like a city person, for I automatically clocked the thing in the road as rubbish and chucked it away, rather than thinking, free comedy oversized vegetable == soup for days, and placing it reverently in my car.

Anecdote 2: Anecdote 2 is behind the cut . I can now count the following amongst both "Experiences I shall not soon forget" and "Experiences no one warned me about before I became a parent": Chasing down a baby making a speed-crawl break for the door of the bathroom that the toddler has just left the midst of trying to put in a tampon. Lovely. Thanks, kids.

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