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A walk in the woods around Poultry Cottage, Welshpool, Wales

Poultry Cottage and the Fowl House are situated in what was the Naylor Pinetum of the Leighton Estate. The Pinetum still exists but is now looked after by the Royal Forestry Service, as is the Redwood Grove, planted by John Naylor in 1857. We went for a short wander in the woods as far as little legs could manage.

Entering Redwood Grove
[Two explorers entering the majestic Redwood Grove.]

Redwood Grove mother tree
[The Mother Tree.]

Redwood Grove den
[Explorers considering entering the den built around the upended roots of the Mother Tree...]

Entering Redwood Grove den
[...and decide to go in.]

Entering Redwood Grove
[Keiki and me at the edge of the Redwood Grove.]

Fowl House in situ
[Fowl House in situ (the Pinetum).]

[Chilean plum-fruited yew, one of dozens of species in the Pinetum.]

Pinetum walk
[Keiki, about to be soothed to sleep by the rhythm of walking.]

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