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December Days in Photos, Day 19: Today's weather

[Me, wearing my black-framed glasses, pushing back the hood of my black wool coat. Keiki is strapped to me in the grey sling with the stars on the straps. We're both looking at the camera. The sea froths behind us.]

[personal profile] fred_mouse asked for a portrayal of the weather on the solstice. I apologise for not fulfilling the brief exactly. I had to go Christmas shopping in Birmingham on solstice and I didn't have my proper camera with me. I attempted to get a decent shot with my phone's camera, but it didn't really work out whilst laden with a heavy rucksack and several large shopping bags.

However, the weather today was remarkably similar to that day - filthy: dark, windy, wet and weirdly warm for the season. We went to Southwold to eat fish and chips and then walk along the beach, as apparently a trip to the beach is the thing to do when the weather is awful and you're English, because dammit, you're on holiday. Anyway, lunch was fantastic, and perhaps that was what put us all in the mood to spend an hour running around on the sandy beach in the mist, chasing the waves and getting soaked from the waist down. The bloke snapped this just before Keiki decided he needed to experience sand with all his senses and stuffed a fistful of it in his mouth. (He was not pleased with the outcome of the experiment.)

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