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December Days in Photos: Day 9: Neko Atsume

[Screenshot of my yard, with two rare cats making simultaneous appearances. One is a tiny cat-samurai, and the other a noble Heian-cat.]

Whilst I was in Tenerife, one of my colleagues introduced me to what she called "the crazy cat-lady game". (I have mentioned I work with the best people, haven't I? Yes, yes I do.)

I immediately downloaded and installed Neko Atsume.

I have not been this captivated by a game for a long time. It's so low-key in terms of interaction, and yet so rewarding. You put out food and toys, try to optimise the acquisition of gifts (silver and gold sardines) and tempt rare cats into your garden. Then you simply wait for the kitties to turn up. I have thus far managed to tempt all but two of the sixteen rare cats into my garden, and that's because I haven't put their favourite toys out yet. I'm now trying to save up enough fish to purchase the toys to execute various projects, such as the All-Ball garden, the All-Box garden and the All-Cushion garden. I could do the all-ball garden now, but I'm reluctant to take away the kotatsu (the heated table with the orange skirting in the photo). They all look so cosy on - or more frequently, under - it.

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