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December Days 2015

In order to keep this to something I can actually accomplish, I'm going to do the December Days posting meme with photos. Please suggest a photo you would like me to post and, if you would like, select a particular day. If you're bereft of ideas, here's a short list. I have a vast back catalogue of these, many of which have never been posted here before.

  • the kids, Keiki and Humuhumu
  • the cat, Telstar
  • me (I do love a selfie)
  • local wildlife
  • macro shots
  • places I've been (see the "travel" tag DW/LJ)

I may opt to repost an old photo or take a new one, depending on temporal and/or spatial constraints.

December 1: Telstar (coughingbear) (DW/LJ)
December 2: Bristol ([personal profile] cxcvi) (DW/LJ)
December 3: Xmas Decor ([personal profile] ceb) (DW/LJ)
December 4: Up in the night with Keiki ([personal profile] ayebydan) (access-locked; DW/LJ)
December 5: Hello Kitty's got a headache (DW/LJ)
December 6: Cute Dress Selfie ([personal profile] omnipotent) (DW/LJ)
December 7: Telstar: Redux (alice_mccoy) (DW/LJ)
December 8: Me-time ([personal profile] ayebydan) (DW/LJ)
December 9: Neko Atsume (DW/LJ)
December 10: Telstar with Keiki (DW/LJ)
December 14: Doing Science ([personal profile] silveradept) (DW/LJ)
December 15: Bug/Selfie ([personal profile] redsixwing) (DW/LJ)
December 16: Wildlife ([personal profile] yoyoangel) (DW/LJ)
December 18: Birthday Boy (DW/LJ)
December 21: Family (DW/LJ)
December 22: The Matriarchal Glory of a Playmobil Nativity Scene ([personal profile] ceb) (DW/LJ)
December 23: Making bird-boxes with Granddad (DW/LJ)
Decmeber 24: Christmas Cat (DW/LJ)
December 27: Weather ([personal profile] fred_mouse) (DW/LJ)
December 29: Commuting ([personal profile] ayebydan)
December 30: Telstar: The Revenge (with kids) (dizzykj)
December 31: Selfie ([personal profile] nou)
January 1: Made With Science ([personal profile] nickbarlow)
January 2: Outdoor selfie (jixel)
January 3: Xmas Decor, Norfolk edition ([personal profile] ceb)
January 4: Family portrait ([personal profile] whereisirisnow)

(own ideas: Trip to Oxford, cupcake-making, wood-chopping)

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