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Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed

The surest sign for me that I'm not presently getting enough sleep is that I keep failing at making tea. Not fancy tea. Apparently at the moment I can't even make a cup of bog-standard builder's.

Yesterday, I put the water in the kettle and the tea bag in the mug. I went off to do something else for a minute, figuring the kettle would boil during that time, came back and started to pour water into the mug. I'd filled it 2/3 of the way before I noticed the lack of steam and realised I hadn't switched the kettle on.

Today, I put the water in the kettle and switched it on, then felt prematurely smug at having improved on yesterday's performance. I got my mug out of the cupboard. I thumped back upstairs to answer an e-mail. I trotted downstairs and poured hot water into my mug. I brought the clean laundry upstairs, came back down and put milk into my mug. I carried my mug back up to my desk, sat down, and started to drink my tea, which tasted really weird.

I got halfway through it before I recognised that I was drinking diluted hot milk. /o\

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