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Shaun in the City #2 and #3

(These aren't appearing in chronological order. My apologies. They're appearing as I catch up with curating, editing and uploading photos and writing the associated words!)

Not long before the Shauns left London, Keiki and I stole a day during the very short gap between our trips to Turkey and Washington DC in May to take a final shot at bagging all the sculptures. We’d nabbed 16 on our first go and done the hardest of the four trails, so I thought we had a fair chance of doing at least two more. As it turned out, we managed exactly two trails and 17 more Shauns before my feet and shoulders called time on the adventure. I reckon we could have gotten halfway through the third trail before we had to get our train back to Birmingham, but I would’ve been crying by the time we got home. It’s not so bad carrying a baby, a rucksack full of baby stuff and a dSLR for a couple of hours, but when you’re spending the whole day on your feet, it can get to be a bit much.

We popped out of Oxford Street tube station around 11 AM and immediately set about our first task: Shaun’s Trail, involving 11 Shauns.

Baa-bushka, Carnaby Street

Rule Britannia

Me and Rule Britannia

Rule Britannia’s bottom.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. This one was in Hamleys toy shop, cowering in a corner. Which is what I always want to do when forced to enter Hamleys. It’s horrible in there. Total sensory overload, compounded by the shrieking of hundreds of overexcited customers and salespeople. *shudder* I took this photo and got out.

Ram of the Match (Rugby World Cup themed).


The Gruffalo Shaun.

Jingtai in Chinatown.

Me and Jingtai.

Shakespearean interlude in Leicester Square.

Woolly Jumbo, one of my favourites.

Woolly Jumbo’s tail.

Me grinning at Woolly Jumbo.

Woolly Jumbo from the side.

Mossy Bottom.

Me, Keiki and Mossy Bottom.

Mossy Bottom’s side.

Me llamo Shaun at the Mall.

Nelson, at Trafalgar Square...

...with a pigeon on his back, of course.

Since I was still feeling pretty strong and Keiki had had a nap and a feed during the first trail, we headed back up toward Covent Garden and launched directly into Timmy’s Trail, which involved 7 Shauns.

Me, Keiki and Flash! Photo by some nice French tourists.


Paradise Bunch.

Candy Baa, Covent Garden.

Me, Keiki and Candy Baa.

Another One Rides the Bus.

Ewe-nion Jack, in front of the London Eye.

Me and Ewe-nion Jack.

Couldn’t resist a London Eye shot…

Frida Baa-hlo.

Pinky Plum at Somerset House.

Pinky Plum and me, celebrating the completion of two trails in one day.

Bye bye, Pinky Plum.

I began walking toward Temple station with the intention of doing a bit of the trail in the City before heading back to Euston, but once I arrived at Temple and sat down to await a train, I realised I was not up for it and would be better off returning to Euston, having a coffee and a bit of cake and then boarding the train home. So I did, regretfully abandoning the London hunt at 34 out of 50 Shauns. Still, I think we didn’t do too badly!

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