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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

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Day 195/365: A Caturday survey, via silveradept [20180714|17:13]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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Telstar at sunset
Telstar at sunset, sitting on the lock’s edge on high alert.

  1. How many/what kind of pets do you have? One middle-aged, very handsome, very friendly male tuxedo cat.

  2. Names? Telstar/Telly/Cattus/Teldos (from when Humuhumu couldn’t say his name properly)

  3. How old are they? He turns nine next month.

  4. How did you get your pets? A friend of ours, on hearing that we were planning to adopt a cat, turned up with Telstar and his brother Sputnik in a cardboard carrier when they were about 9 weeks old. Neighbours of his had found a pregnant cat and their three teenage daughters spent their summer holidays doing nothing but cuddling the kittens. As a result, both Telstar and Sputnik are (were) by far the nicest and gentlest cats I have ever met.

  5. Was it love at first sight? Yup.

  6. What makes your pet one of a kind? He’s completely soft and sweet with humans, but absolutely lethal to his prey. In his younger days, he would bring us a daily offering, usually a small mammal. We still get offerings but they’re much less frequent.

  7. What is your absolute favorite thing about your pets? He trusts and loves us, and that is reciprocal.

  8. What's the funniest thing your pets have ever done? As a kitten, he attempted to pounce on the moon, which was reflected in the frozen surface of the pond in our back garden. That ended, predictably, with a mournful and bedraggled Telstar wrapped in a towel. There was also the time he chased a full-grown pheasant into the bloke’s parents’ house one afternoon over Christmas, presumably as a suggestion for what we ought to have for supper.

  9. What's the naughtiest thing your pet has ever done? It was both artistic and gruesome, but once when we went away for a weekend, he eviscerated and partially consumed a grey squirrel at the top of the landing. The nose, a couple of paws and innards were scattered around the hindquarters and tail, which had been arranged (deliberately??) to look as though the squirrel had attempted to teleport through the landing. There are photos behind the cut, but I warn you, they are quite unpleasant.

    +2 images of the grisly squirrel remainsCollapse )

  10. Please tell your pet I love them, because it's true. With pleasure.

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Day 194/365: Friday’s Unscientific Poll: It’s Beer O’Clock [20180713|21:19]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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Poll #2083207 Flavoured beers


I am a traditionalist! Kriek lambic (sour cherry beer), please.
I like a modern twist! Framboise (raspberry beer), please.
May I have the berries without the beer? Yes, yes you may.
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Day 193/365: I do love that whooshing sound deadlines make... [20180712|22:38]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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[the weather today is |panic and alarm]

...when they creep up on you suddenly. Yep, still working. So just a photo today; an unintentionally overexposed one that I found when trawling through a recent memory card dump. I was trying to get a proper macro shot of a damselfly with the sun in the wrong position.

Damselfly shadow on hawthorn leaves.

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Day 192/365: Hashtag Not All Men [20180711|15:31]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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[with a hint of |combichrist - this sh*t will f*ck you up]

Four Imperial College physicists were awarded medals by the Institute of Physics recently. You can read about it in full here. Below are the quotes from the prize winners. The emphasis is mine.

Prof Dougherty, winner of the Richard Glazebrook Medal and Prize, also my Big Boss: "It is a great privilege to be given this award for essentially doing my job, none of which would have been possible without the great people I have worked with over the years."

Prof Sutton, winner of the David Tabor Medal and Prize: "I am delighted to receive the Tabor medal and prize from the IOP. David Tabor was a giant in the physics of surfaces and interfaces and it is a great honour for me to receive this award."

Prof Stevens, winner of the Rosalind Franklin Medal and Prize: "This award recognises the hard work of my fantastic team of postdocs and students and the terrific contributions that they have made to new platforms of designer materials for biomedical applications."

Dr Wade, winner of the Daphne Jackson Medal and Prize: "This isn’t really a prize for me, but a prize for Imperial - I’ve grown up at Imperial, fallen in love with physics at Imperial and realised the importance of sharing my enthusiasm with others at Imperial.

"I have been privileged to be involved with Imperial’s public engagement activities both on and off campus - the incredible festival, the schools workshops and the awesome work of Priya and the White City team - and can safely say they’ve inspired me to keep speaking about science even when I’m outside the lab."

Three women. One man. No prizes for guessing which one of these statements came from the dude.

If anyone wants to sit with me and my sardonic expression, quietly being disappointed but not surprised, you're most welcome.

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Day 191/365: Speckled bush cricket [20180710|20:18]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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Keiki and Humuhumu made a new friend at the weekend. Also, they burst a balloon in the paddling pool.

Keiki looks at the bush cricket
Keiki peers at the speckled bush cricket sitting in the bloke's palm. His swimming goggles are round his neck and he's smiling.

+2Collapse )

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Day 190/365: *flop* [20180709|21:52]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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[with a hint of |scary flying shark]

Pony flop
I think Foal accurately expresses how a lot of us feel as this heat wave heads into its fourth week.

The bloke and I both worked full days. Afterward, I raced around and collected the children in time to catch a train into town to meet him and his students, who had their graduation ceremonies for their PhDs today. We had a tasty meal at a gigantic Asian buffet. The adults refrained from eating our body weights in curries and pakoras, but the children showed no such restraint, particularly with respect to the endless fruit platters and the chocolate fountain with marshmallows.

By the time we caught the train home, it was well past the children's bedtime, and although technically it is a little too early to be mine, I will be going to face-plant into a pillow moments after pressing the "post" button.

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Day 188/365: Proud Mama Bear [20180707|22:14]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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[the weather today is |chuffed]

I hope you'll all forgive me for having a bit of a Proud Mama Bear moment here. Humuhumu brought home her first ever school report yesterday. It was rather good. In the 20 categories in which she was evaluated, she was ranked "Exceeding" (the highest) in 17 of them.*

Her teacher wrote:
It has been a pleasure teaching Humuhumu. She is a pleasant and polite little girl who always tries her best and is a joy to teach. She demonstrates curiosity in abundance and is capable of focusing on an activity for a required amount of time, and she always shows high levels of fascination. Humuhumu loves to learn and I hope she never loses this quality! She is very confident to discuss her thoughts and ideas with the class. I would like to see Humuhumu continue developing friendships with her classmates as she does tend to want to only play with [her bestie].** During COOL time her favourite activity is completing challenges on the writing table! She loves to write, colour and create. Humuhumu was amazing in both the Christmas production and our very recent class assembly. She enjoys singing and her confidence in speaking to an audience is wonderful. Good luck in Year One, Humuhumu. I will miss you and wish you every success!

The head teacher wrote:
What a fantastic report, Humuhumu. You can feel very proud of yourself as you have worked hard and learnt lots this year. It has been wonderful to see how your writing has developed and I always enjoy reading your work when I visit your classroom. It has also been good to work with you on the School Council - thanks for your ideas.

* No one is surprised that the three in which she ranked "Expected" (the middle) were social rather than academic, right? Yeah, didn't think so.
** This worries me, but only because I was the same way as a child and I had to learn the hard way that putting all your eggs in one basket wrt friendship is not wise.

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Day 187/365: Friday’s Unscientific Poll: Pokemon-based Dual Citizen Dilemmas [20180706|09:17]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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A couple of weeks ago, I took my usual bus on my usual way back to my usual Place of Sleep in London. As usual, I was busily spinning Pokéstops and occasionally popping a ‘mon into a gym as we pootled slowly through the traffic.

As we passed a couple of friendly gyms, I noticed that someone else, someone whose handle I recognised from almost two years of playing along the same route, was simultaneously adding their Pokémon to defend them. And I thought to myself, this person is on the bus with me.

There were only twelve people left on the single-decker bus. Fortunately, I had chosen a seat which gave me a good view of the exit doors, and I snuck peeks at people’s phones as they disembarked at the remaining stops. No dice.

Until we got to the terminus, which is where I disembark. Four people were left on the bus. I pretended to be hunting around for something in my bag so that everyone else would have got up by the time the bus stopped. It paid off. I surreptitiously scanned phone screens and the unmistakable PokéGo map jumped out at me from the hand of a middle-aged blonde woman, whom I was tickled to discover looked nothing like her in-game avatar.

Now, friends. What do you think I did? Did I bounce up to her in cheerful American fashion, introduce myself and reveal my shared love for the game? Or did I, in the fashion of my adopted country, almost work up the courage to squeak a timid hello in the hopes that she wouldn’t quite hear me and then scuttle off to the nearest friendly gym to pop in another ‘mon before I dashed to Place of Sleep?

Poll #2082985 Culture clash: Native or adopted?

How did I react to my fellow Pokemon Go player?

In ebullient American style
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Day 185/365: Greenfinch [20180704|18:26]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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[the weather today is |thirsty]

This greenfinch popped along whilst I was photographing a very regal-looking wood pigeon perched atop a tangle of bare hawthorn branches by the canal. It sang the loveliest song, posed for a few shots and then departed, leaving me jumping for joy at nabbing the best shots I’ve ever gotten of a greenfinch.

Having been unexpectedly very busy at work, I'm off to the pub to celebrate Revolting Colonial Day.

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Day 184/365: Shaggy Pony update + sportsing [20180703|20:24]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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Foal is growing into its legs
It’s Shaggy Pony Update time. Look at how tall Foal is getting!

Cousin It and foal
For perspective, here is Foal with its mummy, Cousin It. Foal has started spending more time napping and grazing away from Cousin It’s immediate vicinity.

In other news, tonight we attempted to get the children to watch the England-Colombia match. There was exhaustive “Who are the ones in red/yellow/black/blue/green” questioning. There were sporadic outbreaks of “England, come on England” chants. (It was very weird for me to hear that from my children. Especially on the eve of Revolting Colonial Day.) But mostly they wanted to build a long train out of the trucks in the front room and drink hot chocolate, which they're hardly ever allowed. A mixed success at best.

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